Some people might not think that it takes a lot of money to live in some of the smaller cities across the country.

The amount of money that is required to even live comfortably with the basic necessities can vary greatly from the northern part of the country to the southern part. In some places, you can buy a house for less than $40,000 while in other cities the same house would cost over $100,000.

It all depends on the income of other people in the area, the number of jobs and how much everything is in the town. If you make $100,000 a year, then you can usually live pretty comfortably in most cities.

If it’s in San Francisco, then you might want to find a better paying job. A recent study reveals that the price of homes has increased, which means if you want a decent home, you need to have a job that pays a significant amount over minimum wage.

One of the least expensive places to live is Pittsburgh. Almost any town in the southern part of California is the most expensive in the country.

The median income in Pittsburgh is much lower than that of people in California, so that does play a part in how much money is needed to buy a house.