A Houston mother has recently made internet waves after a video showed her driving to her son’s school and removing him from his class due to disrespectful behavior towards the teacher.

Shanavia Miller, the mother of one of the students, was recorded storming into her son’s classroom and reprimanding him for his misbehavior. The video circulating on social media shows her scolding the student while informing him that she would be taking him home.

Miller claimed that her son had been misbehaving in class and showing disobedience towards his teacher for many weeks, yet no amount of talking or lecturing was effective.

Miller chose to take control and drive to the school in order to withdraw her son from class and reprimand him upon arrival. She asserted that she wanted her son to understand that there are repercussions for his conduct, emphasizing that this type of behavior would not be accepted.

Miller’s video has sparked an intense online debate, with some people applauding her firm stance while others reprimand her for disrupting her son’s schooling and mortifying him in front of his peers.

While discipline is essential for young minds, parents should prioritize constructive methods that nurture their child’s emotional health.

Dr. John Duffy, a clinical psychologist and author of “Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety,” insists that punishment should only be considered after parents attempt to comprehend why their teen is misbehaving.

“If we can get to the root of why they’re behaving in a certain way, we can create a more positive outcome,” Duffy said. “If the consequence is not related to the behavior, it can be really damaging to the child.”

Despite criticism, Miller is adamant that she has chosen the right course of action to teach her son a crucial lesson and stands firm in her decision.

“I’m not here to be my child’s friend. I’m here to be his mother,” she stated. “I want him to learn that if you do something wrong, there are consequences for your actions.”

Ultimately, the choice of how to discipline a kid is up to the parents. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that punishment should be employed as an instrument for teaching and leading kids – not injuring or shaming them.

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