It’s a real challenge for brand-new parents to find time to themselves.

When you have an infant who depends upon you, getting all the daily chores done is hard enough without trying to merely take an evening for yourself. Discovering a babysitter you can rely on is a challenge all in itself. For that reason, it sometimes make sense to trust loved ones to babysit your kids for you.

That was the case in this amusing story which quickly spread around Facebook.

The story itself was published by Claudia Sorhaindo, mother to a stunning infant child called Ava.
Sorhaindo left her daughter with her 15-year-old niece J’Ann. Because they have such a big family (J’Ann is among 17 grandchildren, after all), she had plenty of experience handling kids and was more than capable of babysitting. Still, even the people we know the best sometimes find ways to surprise us.

Sorhaindo was particularly shocked to see some pictures that J’Ann sent her with Ava.

Because J’Ann was hungry and wanted a sandwich, she found an innovative method to enjoy Ava throughout the process.
Sorhaindo later on loaded the photos onto Facebook with a little explanation:

” So I had to run out your house for a fast minutes, so I asked my niece to babysit Child Ava. A couple of min later I received a text saying that J’Ann wanted to make a sandwich however didn’t wish to let infant Ava out of her sight

Lord send assistance this was her service like really imagination at its finest ”

The post has actually now resembled more than 305,000 times on Facebook– but the story goes much deeper than that.

The photos had a deeper meaning for Sorhaindo, who had a three-month-old daughter named Jenelle who passed away in 2011. Not surprisingly, Sorhaindo is really protective of Ava and her heart was warmed to see how closely J’Ann was seeing her infant lady.

Not to point out that the photo itself is adorable!

Perhaps most intriguing of all is that the idea has motivated J’Ann to release a fundraising venture of her own.

Seeing how well the pants worked, she chose to introduce a GoFundMe page to raise money for a prototype run of these “J’pants.” Those who want to contribute can do so through the link! Above all, this story reveals the close bonds between Claudia, Ava and their sitter, J’Ann.

What do you consider the trousers she made? Would you ever utilize them with a child in your family? Would you have utilized them back in the day when you were raising your own children? Make sure to let us know in the remarks!

I am sure lots of parents might have some security concerns about these trousers but so far she states their have actually been no issues whatsoever. They have both been really comfortable!

Have you had any of your own innovations comparable to this? Let us know your preferred home made invention that you use whether it’s baby associated or not!

Thanks for the childcare inspiration, J’Ann!

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