Bananas are considered to be one of nature’s most perfect foods, especially when eaten at their peak ripening potential. These yellow fruits that are loaded with potassium have a tendency to fill grocery market aisles in bunches ranging from super green to very brown-spotted. So, what’s the latest deal in running your bananas under hot water? The latest rage is how to extend the shelf life of a banana when we all know how quickly they ripen in warmer conditions. It used to be placed almost ripe bananas in the refrigerator where the elixir on keeping them fresher and more edible. But now, a TikTok user has gone completely viral with her new life hack on storing bananas so you can eat them at the proper moment.

A woman by the name of Bethany Ugarte has developed an innovative trick to keep bananas from ripening too fast. Once you bring a bunch home from the market, the acceleration of green to ripe begins, depending on the climate of your environment. But Ugarte believes that freezing them first maintains the freshness and nutrition for weeks to come. In fact, once you’re ready to eat a banana or two, her life hack recipe includes running each fruit under hot water to ‘peel’ off the freezer temperature and allow the banana to be easier to enjoy as the same when you purchased it. Ugarte’s viral video has been flooded with comments and suggestions on her own recipe, and in one case, placing a banana or two into a reusable plastic container has proved to be a popular resource for many.


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Melting the peel to get to the meat of the banana has gone viral in recent days and Ugarte is a devout banana aficionado who thrives on eating the fruit often and even adding them to smoothies–whether frozen or defrosted. After removing the frozen banana from your freezer, Ugarte says to peel the fruit in half after it’s been melted under the hot water. That way, you can cut the banana down the middle and consume its sweetness straight from the peel or enjoy it cut into slices on ice cream and yogurt. Her frozen banana tactic has secured hundreds of followers who are always desirous of extending the shelf life of the bunches brought home from grocery stores. She also mentions that you don’t have to use plastic bags; instead, you put the ripe banana as is straight into the freezer and voila, instant perfect fruit when you want to eat it! Those wanting to be cautious about slicing bananas when they’re frozen need to pay close attention, as it’s all too easy to cut your finger if you’re not paying attention. Otherwise, take Bethany Ugarte’s banana life hack recipe to heart, and you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor for several days or weeks.