Tragically, Darren Moore was discovered in an alley after a night out with friends. A 39-year-old former convict and drag queen known as Crystal Couture amongst the UK’s gay community, he had been brutally slain by unknown assailants. His disappearance until his body was found sent shockwaves through those who’d grown to love him for his outgoing personality and vibrant energy.

On the evening of his alleged murder, Moore was garbed in an extravagant costume with a large blonde wig, heavy makeup, false breasts, and a yellow dress with frilly sleeves. His ensemble was completed by a matching purse. Unfortunately, though, he had previously been convicted of assaulting an underage victim making him both a sex offender and pedophile.

Along with his dazzling drag queen alter-ego Crystal Couture, CC Quinn was also a renowned figure on the UK drag scene. Sadly, he was discovered lifeless in Cardiff city center during the wee hours of the morning.

Law enforcement officials have labeled Moore’s apparent murder as a “sudden and unexplained” loss, strongly indicating a need for the public to come forward with additional information about why this much-loved drag queen went missing, and what occurred during her disappearance.

Law enforcement officers blocked off the area where Moore’s body had been discovered. Furthermore, as a show of respect for their beloved drag queen, locals left bouquets of flowers at the scene to pay tribute.

The LGBTQ community of Cardiff is now urging the police to prioritize investigating Moore’s death as a hate crime before any other drag artists in their area face further violence. It is essential that swift action be taken to ensure all members of this group are safe and secure from hatred and prejudice.

As a young adult, then known as Darren Sewell and living in Barry, South Whales, Moore was charged and convicted of four counts of rape against a minor. He paid for his crime through three years served in the Young Offenders’ Institution located in Great Britain.

Moore (AKA Sewell) was strictly prohibited from having contact with children as part of his sentence. Unfortunately, he violated this order in 2011 while working with young people in Cardiff as a gymnastics and dance instructor. As a result, Moore had to undergo three years of sex offender treatment program consisting of twenty-four months of surveillance, three hundred hours of unpaid voluntary service and an electronic tag monitoring his six-month curfew period.

Moore was honored to be the face of British Airways at one of Brighton’s most iconic Pride Festivals. He glittered and sparkled on the float, waving his rainbow flag for all to see as he held court atop the joyous airway spectacle that paraded around town. His magnetic energy captivated onlookers, making him an instant sensation – a true symbol of queer pride in Britain!

He debuted his Crystal Couture personality later on, which was an act that could be enjoyed by “audiences large and small and of all ages.” This act was “available for weddings, christening, birthdays, and celebrations if (sic) all types.”

When Darren wed his long-term partner who held the same name, he proudly took on her surname and became Darren Moore.