Parents of children in American schools have a wide range of viewpoints on what should and should not be taught to their kids. However, parents have lately taken up metaphorical arms against educators for indoctrinating their youngsters on gender and LGBT-related issues. You’ll hear from third-grade parents in the video below who are speaking out against teachers teaching minors about the way of life for certain members of the LGBTQ community, which they believe is doing them harm.

“Are we doing Bible studies in classrooms? No, we are not,” the enraged mother stated. “So why is this certain agenda being pushed into the classroom.”

Mom goes on to describe the emails that had surfaced previously before her attendance at the event.

“The one I find most disturbing of all is a third-grade teacher trying to talk about sex with eight-year-old students. These are eight-year-old children with whom she is trying to hold a sexual orientation class with. A parent shared their concern and objection to it and pulled their kid out, and instead of this teacher being concerned about what she did wrong, she went to a (school) district employee and asked for ways how she could continue to teach sexual orientation. To her third-grade class.”

This teacher clearly wanted to educate her pupils about sexual orientation and raise awareness regarding the LGBTQ community.

“You want us to believe that this isn’t propaganda. That there is no agenda being held. This was not just any sexuality class. This was specifically designed three days a week. She taught the LGBTQ curriculum in her class. This raises the question. How many students are excelling in her classroom? Is everybody in that class getting As in math, English, grammar social studies? That we can dedicate three days a week to teach eight-year-olds about sexual orientation?”

The mother then addresses the school board, stating: “How many of you have children in this district? How many of you would want your eight-year-old child being taught about sexual orientation in a classroom setting without your permission or knowledge?”

The video has been seen nearly two million times and has almost 200,000 likes. It’s easy to see why this mother’s speech has gone viral. It appears that more and more parents are becoming vocal about the subjects they don’t want their children exposed to in school.

The mom has a few good points. While it is critical to educate children about different lifestyles, perhaps three days per week is a bit much.

The video was posted on Reddit, where it quickly became popular.

“When I was in 5th grade, they brought the boys and girls into separate rooms and showed us these ‘educational/entertainment’ movies about little kids going through puberty. The guys were supposed to learn about what happens to boys. The girls were supposed to learn about what happens to girls. This is a public school in southern Alabama, though, so they managed to mess that up. We were about 45 minutes into learning about how girls got their first period and what they could do during that time before these dumba**es realized they had the wrong disks. Good times.”

What do you consider to be the appropriate age for sex education in elementary schools?