Have you ever come across a mysterious item that piqued your curiosity? Well, Laura Moorcroft from Buckley, Flintshire certainly has! While strolling through her front lawn one day, she noticed an unusual claw that immediately caught her eye. She “instantly thought it was from a dinosaur.”

The animal experts were puzzled by the discovery and unsure of how to categorize it, prompting them to conduct further investigations.

She stated: “Me and my husband had just come back from a walk, and he noticed it on the grass. It looks prehistoric to us – a scaly lizard-like claw. We’re huge fans of Jurassic Park, so I instantly thought it was from a dinosaur. I mean, it looks very lizard-like, doesn’t it?”

Moorcroft posted a disturbing picture on the internet. Along with the photo, she included a ruler that demonstrated the dinosaur claw’s length to be approximately three to four inches. This caused great consternation among those who saw it. It was speculated by many that the claw did not belong to a dinosaur, but rather to a bird, potentially a turkey, or another type of poultry. Some people guessed that the animal with the claw could have been an alligator, crocodile, or maybe even a tortoise. However, nobody came close to identifying the real culprit.

Laura Moorcroft found something unusual in her yard and contacted both a local vet and the Chester Zoo to identify it. Both sources identified it as belonging to a bird, but they were unable to agree on the specific species.

“One said it was like a pheasant and the other a turkey, so we’re still none the wiser,” stated Laura.

She continued: “We have CCTV, but it was a bit too far down the garden to pick anything up, so it remains a mystery. I like our guess of a velociraptor (a small dinosaur) best; I love that people had the same thinking. I saw someone had thought it was a Gremlin! We didn’t think something like this would grab everyone’s attention.”

There were numerous comments left by people on Daily Mail regarding the issue. The majority of them believed that the foot in question belonged to a chicken which was most likely eaten by either a fox or some other type of predator.

“Are people so disconnected from reality these days that they can’t recognize a chicken’s foot? Some fox has had someone’s chicken and left the foot in their garden.”

“This is what happens when people don’t know where their food comes from. It’s a rooster’s foot, as evidenced by a well-developed spur.”

“Anyone who says ‘me and my husband’ and who doesn’t recognize a chicken claw when she sees one obviously is somewhat suspect!”

“It’s a chicken foot. A fox has left you that bit. We used to live near a chicken farm, and we often found carcasses or bits of chicken in our garden when we got up.”