A shocking video has sparked controversy on social media because what is said in it is so frightening that people can’t believe it. The clip begins with a supposed mother named “Honey Rose” who has brought her camera along to document the moment when her seven children are removed from their house by Child Protective Services (CPS). In the video, Honey Rose does not appear to be distressed – rather, she seems to be glad that she will have more time to party.

“They came and got them b*tches!” Honey Rose stated in the video, addressing her children. “They gone, them b*tches gone. All 7 of them!”

Honey Rose lights up a cigarette and downs a glass of wine after declaring, “It’s a celebration!” She is ecstatic about her recent “victory,” having been deprived of seven children from her care as an “unfit” parent. Now that she no longer has to look after seven little ones, Honey Rose starts dancing and shouting, “It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party.”

“They took my kids!” Honey Rose stated. She appears to be suppressing the tears of pleasure at having free time to enjoy life. “Them kids were bad as f*ck anyway. F*ck them, kids!” She continued, “It’s the happiest day” Now that the kids have been taken into protective custody.

Although the video was intended to be shocking, it could not be avoided that it spread quickly across the internet. Honey Rose’s viral diatribe did not end there, however. It went on:

“I should have taken a picture of them m*therf*ckers when they were leaving out the door. I should have recorded!”

Honey Rose’s fans were not pleased with her celebration. They condemned her in the comments and made it clear that they did not approve of her cheerfulness over being unable to parent well enough to keep her children.

She erased the remarks and responded as follows.

“Y’all mad because I didn’t want my kids. Them m*therf*ckers came up outta me. I got a right to want ’em or get rid of ’em. And, I got rid of them m*therf*ckers.”

Honey Rose claimed that she deliberately have the kids removed.

“I knew what I was doing the whole time. I m*therf*cking went live and embarrassed myself on purpose, so y’all could call them people, so they could come get these ugly a** m*therf*cking kids, and guess what? It worked. It didn’t even take them a whole three weeks to come get them m*therf*ckers!”

She added, “They came and got ’em, they gone, and I’m happy, n*gg*r. I’m drinking. I’m smoking! Them kids are gone!”

Honey Rose had some supporters. One person said: “Girl, how do I get them to come get mine?”

“Inbox me,” she replied. “I’ll tell you how to get rid of them m*therf*ckers quick, fast.”

Another viewer inquired about methods to get rid of their bothersome youngsters.

“How many you got?” Honey Rose then encouraged parents who want to get rid of their children to “Inbox me.”