The reality star, social media influencer, and mother to two; Tammy Hembrow is a celebrity that doesn’t shy away from controversy. She embraces it to draw more attention to herself and her influencer business ventures. Tammy Hembrow is maybe one of the most successful Australian influencers of the day. She has a staggering 11.6 followers on Instagram on last count and 1.3 million on YouTube as well. So what has she gotten herself in the entertainment news for lately based on her unflinching approach to controversy and scandal to get more likes on her social media account?

Tammy Hembrow was recently photographed at a beach wearing what is being called an invisible bikini. The invisible bikini was crafted by the fashion designer Minimale Animale. The bikini is basically indivisibly looking. Some critics compared it to dental floss because it disappears into her body. The bikini has two tiny triangles for the front section and a tiny bit of fabric for the front of the bikini bottoms. The color is neutral so it is difficult to see it. Tammy Hembrow shared the controversy stirring bikini pictures on her Instagram and tagged the Minimale Animale brand and herself. She is actually the designer of the bikini that appears to not be there at all. She was clearly excited to share the pictures of her design and glad for the attention she’s gotten for sharing the pictures on her social media.

The Tammy Hembrow minimalist bikini pictures have drawn controversy from critics of the Australian social media influencer. A number of Australians have expressed dismay about Tammy Hembrow’s bikini and about her influence on people. They have even apologized for her influence on culture because they are Australian too. The swimsuit also had critics calling the bikini something no woman could actually wear since it’s so exposing. It’s not something that most public beaches or pools would let fly. Although a private pool or private or nudist beach might let it go. Other critics said the swimwear is more about Tammy Hembrow selling her body and not the swimsuit by making women feel bad about their own bodies. It’s really to get more attention for her own looks. The price of the suit is 189 dollars in Australia, so she is also attempting a profit off her swimwear. Critics were also quick to complain about the price of the swimsuit. As well as the fact no returns are accepted because the suit pretty much rides up someone’s back end which makes returns pretty much completely unsanitary. This means you have to make sure you buy the right size or otherwise you’re pretty much screwed with the wrong size and the inability to return it.