Proven by this mother swan, animals can grieve and die of a broken heart too. It’s vital to remember that every animal species expresses grief differently after the loss of offspring.

A group of English teenagers killed a swan at Manchester Park by throwing bricks at her and breaking her eggs. They also sent away the mother swan’s mate. The attack left the mother swan dead shortly after.

Reports say that the teenagers were throwing rocks and bricks into the Manchester Canal in Bolton, England at where the swans had laid their eggs.

Out of this mother swan’s six eggs, three were found smashed with bricks. The remaining two did not survive and only one unborn was left. To make sure it would be given a chance to live, the staff immediately brought it to a wildlife rescue center.

The wildlife activist was devastated when he found the mother swan dead in her nest, having collapsed. He had been following the progress of the swan for 12 weeks prior to this tragedy.

The incident has been widely publicized on Facebook, with over 1,700 shares. Many people are calling for the teenagers who caused the tragedy to be punished. However, it’s not just the teenagers who harass the swans in this area – even dogs, ducks and moorhens do it too.

When a swan is separated from its child or mate, it becomes stressed. These animals are very emotional and need their family to survive. They also develop strong bonds with their partners.

After their offspring leave to begin independent lives, male and female swans usually stay together for the remainder of the season or even lifelong. The only exceptions occur if there is a poor breeding season or nest failure.

It sometimes takes a swan 1-2 seasons to find another mate. If you have swans in your lake, you will notice how they raise their cygnets together. Swans are very defensive when it comes to protecting their young and can attack predators if they feel threatened; however, they’re not strong enough to hurt those who are bigger than them such as humans or dogs.

The male swan left due to the harassment from other animals, probably sensing it wouldn’t be safe to return. As a result, the female swan was left alone and depressed. If he had stayed with her after these tragic incidents occurred, she may have survived.

Wildlife activists are still keeping a close eye on the nest and eagerly waiting for the male swan’s return. They also added that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, saying humans have caused many similar incidents in the past where harmless eggs have been damaged or destroyed. For example, one runner carelessly kicked a group of eggs which resulted in killing all cygnets inside them.

The case is currently being investigated by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and they are hoping to catch and bring to justice those responsible for harming these animals.