Celina Juarez, a mother has been charged with the murder of her eight-month-old baby after smothering the child to death with her breast. Juarez’s daughter suffocated while breastfeeding, and she has been charged with murder. Although prosecutors are asking for Juarez, a young mother of three, to be sent away to prison, the defendant is pleading to the public for donations so she can get help.

After eight-month-old Melani’s death, authorities took Juarez into custody after it was discovered that she had allegedly killed the child by smothering her with her breast while trying to feed one of Melani’s twin sisters.

On November 4, 2022, the young mother held her daughter against her breast for ten minutes. Even though the baby girl was frantically kicking and gasping for air, the mom continued to hold her against her breast in an attempt to get the baby girl to breastfeed. Mom became so frustrated with her baby girl that she held her against her breast until she stopped moving and was no longer breathing.

Above, you can see a photo of Juarez with her daughter Melani and Zari, who is Melani’s twin sister. Juarez’s two-year-old brother and the children’s father are standing by her family as they plead for donations to help get the murderous mother professional help.

The Juarez family insists the death of their baby girl was accidental, but law enforcement alleges otherwise. Police say they have proof that the mother murders her daughter by intentionally depriving her of oxygen while nursing her.

Juarez’s family believes the mother was in a tough situation when she killed the infant because she was struggling to take care of her toddler son and the twin girls at the same time. Now, her husband, Artemio, is fundraising for his wife’s defense in a campaign entitled “Celina’s freedom.” So far, the campaign has raised some money.

The family is requesting ten thousand dollars in donations. So far they have received more than three thousand dollars from individuals who sympathize with the mother, as she made a tragic mistake by smothering her infant daughter to death while breastfeeding her.

“Those who know her, know this is not in her character. She has devoted her entire life to children and her life revolves around our children and our family. There are two sides to every story and we need all the help we can get to give Celina the chance to say hers! This judgment is not right she is a victim here too,” Artemio stated.

The mother’s friends and family have come to her defense.

“We love her and we know the truth, and we wish everyone can be more aware of mental health and that nobody is immune, she is going through a tragedy and she deserves freedom and mental health services, not incarcerating her for an accident,” Jesus Carbajal stated.

“This is a mother who needs help, not to be vilified,” stated another friend, Crystal Conroy.

What kind of punishment do you think this mother deserves?