Some couples find it difficult to conceive. And Breanna Lockwood, who was diagnosed with infertility in 2019 and 2020, has chronicled her difficulties on social media since then.

In her debut publish on March 3, 2019, she announced that they had been married for three years and were desperately attempting to conceive a kid. She has since gained more than 170,000 Instagram followers who have seen Lockwood and her spouse Aaron go through several IVF injections, egg retrievals, and several heartbreaking failures.

Finally, on January 23, 2020, the pair announced that they were researching surrogacy.

On March 20, the surrogate mother was expecting a baby from an embryo that had both Aaron and Breanna’s genes. When she was 11 weeks pregnant, the Lockwoods posted a photo of their wonderful surrogate mother. Their followers were gobsmacked after they revealed that Breanna’s own mother, Julie Loving, was carrying their child.

She said: “My mom is 51 years old and went through the wringer of health tests to see if she could qualify to be my surrogate. Starting this venture I was told “no” by multiple REs as the standard age cut off is 45. Once my doctor met my mom at one of my appointments I could see his wheels start turning.

My mom is a double Boston marathon runner, and triathlete, and looks more like my sister. She is in tip-top shape, better health than she was in her 20s when she gave birth to me. ”

Breanna revealed In an interview with Good Morning America, “We couldn’t jump for joy yet because we’d had so many losses and so much trauma.”

Everything went off without a hitch, and the pregnancy didn’t cause any problems for them. After Julie’s emergency C-section, Breanna made sure to let her followers know.

She shared: “Mom is recovering much better! We definitely rounded a corner with her C-section delivery, which was never in the plans, but what was best for the baby at the time! More on that later…!! ⁣Here’s my gorgeous mama, looking like a 10, one day after birth! An actual rockstar!”

On November 2, 2020, Briar Juliette Lockwood was born!

The Lockwoods were overjoyed to have their healthy newborn daughter back. Even with the COVID problem, the majority of the family came to greet Briar. Julie handled everything admirably, but she did suffer from postpartum issues, as would be expected of a woman her age.

Breanna posted on Instagram: “Our baby girl was born and we got home from the hospital, we didn’t expect postpartum to be as difficult as it was for my mom.”

Her mother experienced postpartum issues. She wrote:

“There’s no way to make this post short. We were so happy, she was so happy to have this precious little life here with us. We were so thankful. I am so proud of my mom. I still look at her in awe. But it wasn’t all just smooth sailing… My mom had waves of heavy postpartum anxiety, maybe also some slight postpartum depression…”

She continued, “It was about 2-4 weeks, Immediately following the birth. Whatever it was, baby blues, PPD/PPA… IT WAS ROUGH. Rough for my mama, and rough on my heart watching her struggle.”

Breanna has now returned to talking about IVF after the Lockwoods decided to try for additional children. But this time, she believes she will be the one who carries and gives birth to her child.