Bella Vrondos, a Sydney native, is no stranger to people looking at what she wears. The busy working mom is a popular model who has undergone some cosmetic augmentation. She’s recently been chastised by the school and the other parents for wearing “inappropriate” clothes when picking up her children. Photos of the hot mama show her wearing figure-hugging tops with the boobs on display, but Vrondos is adamant she is doing nothing wrong. Her brand is all about being camera-ready, according to the mother of three young lads. Her Instagram account is the bread and butter which feeds her family, and so she always has to be photoshoot ready to wear. On one occasion, the mum reported arriving in a body-conscious beige dress to the pickup and catching “unnecessary” flack from the school administrators and other waiting parents. Another occasion she caught unwelcome feedback was after posting a proud mum moment of the three boys and herself at a school awards event. She claimed the photo went viral because people thought her breasts were front and center, and she was repeatedly confronted about being inappropriate.

Her decision to get breast implants has made her already loud decriers even more strident. That was when the glamour model and popular Instagram account owner came forward with her story. She wants people to realize that the daily negative commentary on her social media posts and in public is taking a heavy toll on her family. Not only are people complaining to the model about her physical appearance and dress, they have taken the opportunity to weigh in on how she buys and collects other items. Bella is tired of people just assuming that she doesn’t spend any funds on her kids. And feels that it’s frankly ridiculous to judge her for how she manages her funds. In this age of more women than ever taking ownership of their narratives, Bella refuses to let the words get her down. Her kids hold her in high regard, and often? She is fielding questions from her boys about why other mums don’t take after HER instead of vice versa.

Bella’s dilemma raises some very legitimate points. Who are we to tell another grown mother that her wardrobe choices are appropriate or not? This is becoming more and more of a conversation, particularly as the world is still reeling from the #MeToo movement that recently took Hollywood by storm. How can we as parents encourage our girls that they can do whatever they want and live their best lives, while we are body shaming them in public at the same time? As the model has asserted plenty of times on her account and in interviews, her choice to augment her natural physique made her set apart from the other mums. And since her surgery, the hateful comments and posts on her account have only increased. Makes you wonder if social media trolling has become the new schoolyard bullying behavior, doesn’t it? Having open and honest conversations with our kids about what is and isn’t appropriate is a part of parenting, but does a mum having a social media account automatically open her up to personal attacks we would not find acceptable? Bella sure doesn’t think so. And maybe we need to remember if you cannot say anything nice, not to say something at all.
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