In 2016, a white supremacist ran down and murdered protesters in the city streets of Virginia, making it to national news. Now, a single mother from Virginia is standing up against critical race theory, also known as CRT, because she believes her biracial son has been “brainwashed” into believing he is treated differently from white children because to the color of his skin by an educational program.

As a parent, Melissa Riley has tried to shield her biracial son from the horrors of racism in America. However, she has been unable to prevent him from everything, and now that he is studying CRT at school, he understands that racism in America is a disease that must be eradicated.

Before learning about racism, Riley’s thirteen-year-old son never felt different than his white classmates. However, when the Albemarle School District began promoting an “anti-racism” curriculum last Spring, her adolescent son became aware of the fact that America viewed him differently because to the color of his skin – and this shocked him into consciousness.

“We didn’t have issues before. He is in eighth grade,” Riley told Fox News host Jesse Watters on Monday evening. “He sees himself just as a Black man. He’s seeing things that don’t go his way as racism. And he is finding safety in numbers now.”

According to his mother, however, the adolescent boy may be playing the race card a little too hard. When she asked him to do his housework chores, he allegedly called her a racist.

“They have totally changed his perspective. They have put him in a box,” she said of the curriculum at Henley Middle School in Crozet, Virginia.

The white mother has now come to the conclusion that her biracial son is a victim of racism “as an excuse because they have told him that that’s how people see him, as a Black man, that the world is against and [he] sees it as a negative now.”

The white mother, who did not want her son recognized as a “Black spokesperson for the Black community,” opposed the school’s plan because he was being raised by a white woman and was therefore disconnected from the Black community at home.

The Crozet Gazette reported that the Henley Middle School began its new curriculum, entitled “Courageous Conversations About Race,” in May and June last year. Some white parents were furious as soon as it was announced because they thought it reflected the controversial Critical Race Theory, which suggests that racism is inherent in American history owing to the fact that the nation was founded on free labor produced through slavery.

The school board is facing a lawsuit from Riley and her son, who are both plaintiffs. Her counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is Ryan Bangert, who is surprised that the school district has yet to give in.

“They simply think it’s fine,” the lawyer stated. “They think it’s okay. But it’s not okay. It’s never okay. It’s never right for a school to teach kids that they are determined by their race. It’s never okay for a school to tell kids that bigotry should be fought with bigotry, and racism should be fought by doubling down on racism. Those things are not okay,’ Banger added. ‘They’re a violation of students’ civil rights.”