A school principal was recorded on video physically punishing a 6-year-old student in Clewiston. The principal can be seen paddling the young student in the video that was recorded. The video was taken by the student’s mother on her phone. The Clewiston Police Department is investigating this terrible incident. This event took place at Central Elementary School. The 6-year-old student was punished for damaging a school computer. The student’s name is being kept private. The principal’s name is Melissa Carter. Also alongside the police department investigation, The Department of Children and Families is investigating this brutal incident. It was a frightening and unjust form of punishment. The mother’s name is being kept private as well.

The school district in which the incident took place does not allow corporal punishment at all. The case has been turned over to the state attorney’s office. There was also a school clerk present during the incident, Cecilia Self. Both the principal and school clerk may have criminal charges brought against them for this incident. The mother said that her child was hit very badly and that there was a lot of hatred. The mother also said that she never hits her daughter. The mother was told to come to the school and that a deputy would be there as well. She was told that she would have to pay a $50 fee because of the damaged school computer. When the mother finally arrived at the school, there was no deputy present, even though she was told one would be there. When the mother got into the principal’s office, her daughter, the principal, and the school clerk were all there. The principal then started yelling at the child and began paddling her. The mother could not believe what was unfolding right before her eyes. She noticed that there were no cameras in the principal’s office. This made the event even more concerning and terrible. She then decided to take matters into her own hands and filmed the incident using her phone’s camera. She was very discrete about it and put the phone in her purse while recording. She felt that it was the only thing she could do. It was also the right thing to do in this situation. She wanted to show the people and the parents what is truly going on inside the school. The school district’s policy on punishments is that it bans corporal punishment and the punishment must not be violating. The policy is supposed to protect the rights of the students and their dignity.

The case is being handled and looked at by the family’s lawyer Brent Probinsky. What occurred in the principal’s office to the 6-year-old student is considered battery and could have caused great harm to her. What happened to her was very unjust and uncivil. The student was also taken to the doctor to be examined. The mother is also worried about how this will affect her child mentally going forward. It was a very traumatic incident. The mother is extremely committed to getting justice for her daughter. It is important that the principal and school clerk are held accountable for their actions and participation in this terrible form of brutal punishment.