Sheri Shermeyer killed her 12-month-old son by suffocating him.

After that, she shot and killed herself. Before she killed her son and herself, she ranted on Facebook. When her husband saw the rant, he was shocked.

She stated that all she could think about was killing herself. Sheri also stated that she wanted to put a gun in her mouth. A friend noticed Sheri’s rant and called the police.

The cops came to her home and did a welfare check. However, it was too late when the police arrived at the home. Sheri and her son were already dead. The Facebook message also had a message to her husband. She told her husband that she loved him and their son more than anything.

She also stated that her son, John, was the only thing that she had to live for. Additionally, she said that she was overwhelmed. She felt like she was a single parent even though she had a husband. She said that she was tired of being ignored and emotionally-abused.

She concluded the message by telling her husband that he was never going to see his son again. She said that she put the message on social media because it is the only way her husband would listen. The police, neighbors and family members are shocked.