A Texas mom showed how badass she really is when she stopped a man who was peeping in her fifteen-year-old daughter’s bedroom while the girl got changed. Phyllis Pena, a mother who lives in Lake Jackson, Texas, noticed a suspicious man taking too much interest in her daughter’s room. The mother had gone out to run a few errands and returned home to catch a stranger staring through her daughter’s bedroom window.

The man was peeping tom looking into the fifteen-year-old daughter’s bedroom while she was getting ready for school. He knew exactly what he was looking for: a young girl changing into her clothes.

Thankfully, Phyllis reacted quickly and called 911. Then, she set out to stop the man from checking out her underage daughter. The moment she called the police, the 19-year-old suspect fled from the teenage girl’s window. Although, it seems that fate had other plans; he wasn’t caught by the police initially but by the girl’s mother instead.

The moment she saw the man trying to scurry away, Mom rushed over to stop him. She yelled at him from the safety of the sidewalk as he backed away from her children who were still inside the property. Nevertheless, mom uses her football skills for good with a stutter step before taking the man down to the ground as if he was carrying the football for a touchdown.

Phyllis’s story made national news on CBS Mornings because she stopped a man from seeing her fifteen-year-old daughter unclothed. She did a great job of protecting her children and was praised by many for her courage.

The mother’s actions were caught on the family’s home security footage. Phyllis was seen tackling the man who ran away after he was tackled, and he was apprehended by police soon after. He has been charged with burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit other crimes.

Mothers are often willing to do anything to ensure their children’s safety, as this story shows. This mother broke the law in order to protect her daughter and did so without any hesitation. That is a sign of a truly great mother.

Mama bear did what she had to do in order to protect her cubs, and she looked good doing it!

Her impressive tackle landed her the attention of a football recruiter and coach.

“Okay, I’m a football recruiter and technique coach, and I’m definitely recruiting her to teach my recruits how to properly “Two Step” tackle. She wrapped up her opponent and used her body to take him down. And she used her “Hammer Arm” to stop her opponent/pervert, so he wasn’t even a threat to him. Good job, mom. I’m glad everything is going well, and as a father of a teenage girl, I will bow to you.”