In mid-December, a Florida mother taught her teenage son the lesson of a lifetime when she caught him carrying and using items that seemingly did not belong to him.

One day, Lakesha Robinson noticed her son using a smartphone that she could not recall buying or giving to him, and as any parent can understand, she began to suspect the worst.

As her curiosity heightened, she started asking her son questions about the cell phone. He provided suspicious responses, illustrating the idea that a friend had simply given the phone to him out of kindness.

Robinson’s intuition suggested that her son was lying to her, but she did not accuse him of dishonesty right off the bat. However, as time crept on, she began noticing other strange items in his possession.

It wasn’t until she came across a suspicious receipt, which showed purchases made with a credit card that did not belong to her son, that she picked up the phone to alert authorities.

Before the initial phone call to the police took place, Robinson gave her son a small window of time to come forward with the truth about his new possessions and strange behavior.

She wanted him to have time to assess the risk of continuing on with his bad behavior. However, her son stuck by his story that he was being given gifts by friends, and that’s when she decided it was time for the police to investigate the matter.

Through a bit of her own detective work, she was able to locate the person who originally owned the credit card and smartphone. After an initial conversation with this person, Robinson learned that the items, which included the smartphone, a wallet, and multiple credit cards, had been stolen from his truck recently.

While his belongings had been missing, he could see through remote means that his cards were being used at fast food restaurants and stores. Once Robinson had the confirmation she needed that her son was to blame for the burglary, any parent can imagine the disappointment and shame she likely felt.

In an attempt to do the right thing and stop the unfolding situation in its tracks, she decided to call the police and teach her son a very valuable lesson. While her son is still merely a teen, it is one of Robinson’s biggest hopes that this lesson will stick with him for the rest of his life. Likewise, she decided to teach her son a lesson at his young age so that he wouldn’t have to be taught the lesson later in life, when more serious consequences would likely be dealt.

You can watch the news story in its entirety and hear the interview with Robinson below. Do you think Robinson did the right thing by calling the authorities to investigate the matter with her son?

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