A mother’s dream for her kid is to have good health and a lovely existence, but it isn’t always fulfilled. Some events aren’t always entirely joyful for all mothers, and some become the most miserable. The baby’s survival relies on the mother’s trust in God and her commitment to giving her child everything she desires for a Good Life.

Sometimes it’s the baby’s will to fight, but they have no idea what a struggle is at such a young age, and it’s up to their mother.

One of the new parents is Victoria Bradly, a 37-year-old from Tennessee. Her joy for her newborn came with a tinge of sadness, as it was difficult for her to enter parenthood. When doctors informed her that her infant would not survive and had no prospects of living, everything in her world fell apart.

Everyone who saw the newborn would have been in agreement with the doctors since her baby girl, Francesca, was born more like a fetus than a baby. She was delicate and all of her body parts were tiny and fragile. Her feet were the size of pennies, and her hands as well; they were about the size of a fingernail. The infant weighed only two pounds.

However, Victoria was uninterested in what the doctors or anyone else said, and she felt that her baby would recover. She wasn’t ready to let go until there was nothing left to grasp. The mother put her trust in God, despite the fact that the physicians had given up hope. She looked for the best specialists she could find and cared for Francesca.

She even agreed to a corneal transplant for her newborn. She was prepared to go to any length necessary in order for her baby to live.

It appears that her efforts paid off, as Francesca is still alive and getting better nine months later. The infant was a fighter and wanted to survive because despite all the challenges she had overcome, she continued to thrive. The baby has already gone through several health crises and treatments in just a few weeks of life.

She was given a brain tumor when she was ten months old, which nearly caused her death. She has had meningitis and other cardiac issues. She’s also had two episodes of collapsed lungs and kidney problems. The poor kid has gone through fifteen blood transfusions and laser eye surgery without difficulty.

She is now recovering much quicker and is regaining weight by the week. Nobody imagined she would live that long or improve so greatly; not even her mother had dreamed it possible.

The tale of Victoria is just one of a slew of cases in which a mother does not give up on her kid, and the baby ultimately thrives and becomes healthy. There have been other instances when the doctors declared the child dead. However, it is usually the mother’s unwavering perseverance and refusal to accept her child’s death that saves the day.

In many situations, the baby’s resilience does matter.