For Bethany Lily April, Instagram has become a beacon of career hope.

Her Instagram page is always trending near the top collections of model figures, currently boasting over 2.6 million users. With a following that is that massive, her come up often gets lost in the sauce of celebrity status.

Bethany was born and raised in London. Her humbled beginnings dispel some of the myths that she had it made when growing up. She lived in a small town with her family and they lived a rather plain lifestyle. Her British descent is something she speaks to with pride, sharing some of her ancestry and family tree with her millions of fans.

One of the main facets of her excellence is her marketability. Bethany is very good at social accumulation, scouring the net for influences, and working with providers to ensure she is paired with many different brands. Becoming a branded model has led her to many different career advances. She represents Fashion Nova as one of their esteemed models. The Fashion Nova brand is an international sensation that reaches models across the world. By creating a contingency plan to work with this agency, she has been able to beef up her portfolio.

Traveling has become a huge aspect of her modeling career. She vacations to hot spots across the world. Most of her travels are chronicled for her fans via video streams and internet posts. Her social media savvy is leaps and bounds above the competition, marking as one of the focal points for her impressive outreach.

She posts some risky content, which allows some of her fans to purchase exclusive content and gain access to exclusive sites. Most of her content can be streamed via YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram. Spreading social media wealth across multiple platforms was necessary to help contain her celebrity status. She even applied for the naming rights for a few different websites that depict her likeness. Among the many different content outlets, fans are always treated to sizzling photos with luscious views.

Her publications are spread across the internet. She remains one of the most marketable British personalities across the industry today. Being that her namesake comes with so much firepower, she has taken this fame with a grain of salt. She remains passionate about assisting and helping her fans. She is always willing to pose for photos and chat with her fans. Most of her fans enjoy her light spirit and her willingness to interact across multiple platforms. Her many different social media outlets allow her to communicate in many different ways.

Even though she spends the majority of her career on the road, she never forgets her roots. She always makes it a priority to visit her family and friends when gifted the opportunity, remaining connected and heavily vested in her past, present, and future.