Since Michelle Obama has been in the spotlight, she has been known as a style icon. As the prom dress challenge has been making its way around the internet, the former first lady decided she would partake in this fun activity as well. However, it is not what the public was expecting when this 56-year-old style icon took to Instagram.

Michelle Obama has been known to wear and promote American designers that are typically just starting to emerge in the fashion industry. Mrs. Obama has been known to wear pieces from Tracy Reese, Jason Wu, and Brandon Maxwell.

This former first lady did not let the public attention get to her head. She has frequently been seen sporting clothing from more affordable brands such as Gap and Target. Although, when it comes to shoes, Michelle Obama does like to splurge on nicer pieces. She claims that her favorite shoes are a classic pointed-toe pump from the well-known designer Jimmy Choo.

Now that she is not living her life underneath a microscope, she has started to sport some more trendy footwear like the sparkling gold Balenciaga thigh-high boots that cost four thousand dollars.

While Michelle Obama was in office, she took a much more conservative approach when it came to clothing. She knew that if she dressed too fancy, she would be criticized for being too high-end and focusing too much on looks.

However, the public and press would not be very happy to see Michelle Obama is cheaper and more casual clothing. That is why she focused so much on her appearance.

It was difficult to find a medium but she was able to do so. While she had all of this attention on her, Michelle decided that she would like to draw attention to American designers, particularly the ones that were not as established as other designers. This led to some of the more well-known designers to get frustrated.

In one case, Oscar de la Renta was quite upset with the fact that Michelle was not wearing his designs. However, Michelle didn’t put these outfits together all by herself. She has had help from her personal stylist, Meredith Koop. Mrs. Obama and Meredith have been working together since the earliest days of the Obama campaign.

Even though Michelle had a traditional, minimalistic style while she was acting as the first lady, she wasn’t always that way. For the prom dress that she recently shared, she sported a sleek pink satin dress.

This dress was covered in polka dots and came with a matching jacket. As if the jacket and design weren’t enough, this dress also had a thigh-high split up the side and a low cut chest. You are not able to see the shoes in the photo that she shared, but you can assume they are just as stunning.

The reason that she shared this photo was to draw attention to the competition that is being held for high school students. A lot of high school-aged students are missing out on their prom. So MTV is hosting this challenge and will be giving one student and their school a prom celebration.