The death of Bo, the best dog the former American president’s family ever had, shook the entire family. Everyone went to the internet to express the loss of such a precious twelve-year-old pet. The first lady was the first to write on her social media pages. Michele Obama regretted announcing the sudden death of their pet, BO. The pet had been their primary source of comfort for the last ten years. For instance, he always welcomed the girls when they returned home from school alone, giving Barrack and Michele a reason to smile after long days of work. This wonderful pet used to welcome everyone home by swinging its tail with happiness. BO was also available when they needed a shoulder to lean on, especially during challenging moments. He became part of this royal family. Therefore, his demise created a gap in their lives, mainly when they stayed at home.

The Obamas came to know Bo back in 2009 when then-senator Ted Kennedy and his wife bestowed him upon their daughters during Obama’s first inauguration. Obama expressed sadness on the demise of Bo, “he was exactly what we needed. His memory will still linger in our minds.” Michele also expressed her agony, “the precious dog was evident in the lives of this family members, and they recall how he was their companion during the inauguration and how they boarded the air force one for the first time. Even when the pope visited the family, Bo was visible. He went with them to places like the Easter egg roll. He even escorted the family as they took the girls to school.

She recalls the happiness BO had the previous year when everybody was at home due to the pandemic. The fact that all his favorite people were under one roof made him even happier. Michele says that she will forever cherish the fact that BO and the girls spend a lot of time together, particularly during his last moments. She also remembers how joyful life was in the presence of Bo, not forgetting the games he played, and during evening time, BO would relax lying on the couch. Born on Oct. 9, 2008, the Portuguese water dog from Texas was named after the first lady’s dad. This shows how close this pet was to the Obamas. When he died from cancer, Michelle was filled with sorrow and took it to her Instagram account, and many people were quick to respond right after to sympathize with her. Some went on and posted images of their dogs as a sign of solidarity. From her Instagram post, they eulogized the dog and took time to mourn with the royal family for the loss of their precious dog. Some even cursed cancer for having taken their best friend, Bo. it was evident that indeed the dog had left a gap that would be difficult to be filled. On his Twitter account, Obama described Bo as a faithful friend, a loyal companion, and above an ever-present friend both in their happiness and moments of sorrow. Maybe it is high time the Obamas acquired another dog. However, no other pet can take the place of Bo, the beloved of the entire family. His memory will continue to linger in their mind, especially because he got the name of Michele’s father, a great reminder to her.