Michelle Obama is one of the most admired United States First Ladies in the entire world. In a recent podcast, Mrs. Obama made a shocking confession. Obama suffers from a low-grade type of depression. The Corona pandemic is creating more racial tension in the United States than we have not seen since the late 1960s. The virus is something we have not experienced before in our lifetime. Many people have died because our leaders have not taken enough responsibility to overcome the pandemic. Many people are worried that Russia might hijack the 2020 presidential election.

Michelle Obama ‘s low-grade depression is partly because of President Trump’s hypocracy, the COVID-19 pandemic, the quarantine, and racial uproar over George Floyd’s murder. Michelle Obama is now online. Michelle Obama, now 56, has her own podcast. the Michelle Obama Podcast. She recently explained her low-grade depression to her listening audience. NPR’s own Michele Norris listened to Michelle Obama talk about her highs and lows and grief over Trump not saying anything in defense of George Floyd’s murder. Obama seems all burned out. Mrs. Obama tries to surround herself with good, positive people.

She has her family and her friends to reach out to even during quarantine. Michelle Obama uses the phone and remote tele-communications to keep in touch with those she is close to. Still, Obama is saddened by how George Floyd was dehumanized because he was a black man. Floyd didn’t have to die like that in Minneapolis, Minn. George Floyd was 46. Floyd was accused of passing a counterfeit $20 bill and was killed when a cop knocked him down and placed his foot on his neck, blocking the air passage. Racism and the violent protests continue in 2020. Racial unrest has plagued this country since the beginning. The troubles in the world today have put a weight on Michelle Obama that she has not felt in a long time. Some nights Michelle Obama can’t sleep because of the weight of the world on her mind. The Obamas live in the Washington, D.C. area.

The America Obama always knew has been turned upside down. Times today are not fulfilling. Trump is not putting people first, and the economy is floundering. Jobs and lives are being lost because people are afraid of going to work and catching the virus. Children are not being properly educated because our schools are closed and students must learn remotely at home. Obama wants to inspire people who are also feeling depressed about the state of the community. She wants to share her story of depression to identify with others. Obama suggests that people need to realize when they are in a bad place. Depressed people need to feed their souls with something better. Obama believes a daily exercise routine can shift your mood to something positive. You might not feel like yourself for a few days; go easy on yourself during those times. When you forgive yourself, you don’t have to ride that treadmill of life of always walking but going nowhere. Michelle Obama hopes this podcast series will help people cope with this strange pandemic.