After years of squabbling on ABC’s The View, Meghan McCain is severing ties with the daytime talk show and joining McCain will be able to express her honest thoughts about American politics “without fear or favor” as a columnist for the digital publication. During her time on The View, McCain’s conservative views may have irritated

As previously reported , Meghan McCain was pushed out of The View, which she had co-hosted for a year and a half. According to her, however, her exit from the show was not entirely peaceful; she believed that she would be rehired for another year.

McCain released a statement that said, “It is true that I have been cut loose from The View, where I have been a contributor since its beginning – despite my respect for the show and the creative staff.”

She continued, “I am sure we will find a way to work together in the future; Meghan McCain is not going away. I wish it were different but believe this is the right thing both for me and The View.”

In a recent interview, Meghan McCain discussed her new job as a reporter with, “I’m really excited to join the DailyMailTV team and be a part of such an exciting new venture. DailyMail has been at the forefront in covering politics and entertainment news for well over 20 years.”

McCain continued, “I hope to live up to the high journalistic standards set by my colleagues at DailyMail and not let them down.”

McCain then stated, “The time has come for me to share more of myself. I am thrilled about this new adventure!” Meghan McCain is known best in American politics as the daughter of Senator John McCain, who “As one of America’s most important political commentators, I look forward to bringing my unique voice and perspective to the conversation every day.”

Meg Meghan McCain’s new position with will afford her the chance to broaden her work horizons, having never previously worked for a digital publication or on television.

Despite being one of the most conservative panelists on The View, Meghan was frequently the target of liberal co-hosts who ridiculed her political beliefs throughout her tenure.

The departure of Meghan McCain from The View coincides with a period of great popularity and name recognition for American conservatives.

John McCain, Meghan’s father, unsuccessfully sought the presidency in 2008, losing to Barack Obama. He died of brain cancer in 2018. Meghan McCain has emerged as a vocal political commentator and Trump adversary.

Although Meghan McCain has moved on to something new, only time will tell whether or not her decision to leave ABC’s The View for the more profitable DailyMail will pay off.

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