Many people enjoy playing along with TV game shows from the comfort of their own sofa.

It’s fun to call out the answer and imagine what it might be like to win a million dollars. However, while the occasional question is easy enough to answer, game shows are almost always deceptively difficult to win.

Some of the sharp-minded contestants on these shows have used their cunning to stack the odds in their favor. On the channel “Good Mythical Morning,” YouTube sensations Rhet and Link detail some of the most intricate attempts at cheating on game shows.

On the UK’s edition of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, for example, a contestant named Charles Ingram returned after a wonky first round with a new plan. This time, he asked two guests in the audience to cough when they heard the answer they thought was right. As it turned out, three minds were better than one, and Ingram won the game and, as a result, the million dollar prize.

Ingram’s success didn’t last long, however. Three days later, the show’s producers called to say that they were contacting the police and forwarding a recording of the episode.

Ingram denied the allegations and took the case to court, but he was ultimately found guilty and charged $140,000.

As long as game shows remain difficult and the payout high, contestants will try to devise sophisticated ways of winning at any cost. For more examples from game show history, check out Rhet and Link’s video.