A man in Wisconsin was arrested for allegedly throwing away eight puppies in a garbage bag. On February 28, the Marshfield Police Department announced that Robert Wild, 56, had been taken into custody.

Authorities received a call about “the sound of kittens coming from a garbage can.” But when investigators arrived, they discovered that “the sound was coming from 8 newborn puppies which had been discarded in a garbage bag and trash can.”

The pups were recovered and transferred to the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter. Police stated that Wild admitted to “dumping the puppies.”

The shelter stated that the animals are “safe and in foster care,” but won’t be ready to adopt until they’ve grown up big and strong.

The Wood County District Attorney’s Office decided not to pursue misdemeanor charges against Wild, according to reports. The department requested that the Wood County District Attorney’s Office bring misdemeanor animal cruelty charges against Wild for the mistreatment and abandonment of animals.

It didn’t take cops too long to put all the pieces of the criminal offense together. And after doing their examination, they appeared at the home of 56-year-old Robert Wild and apprehended him. When in the custody of the cops, Wild confessed he eliminated the pet dogs.

Now the cops department is prompting the Wood County District Lawyer’s Workplace to submit a charge versus Wild. They’re hoping that they’ll a minimum of struck him with a misdemeanor for the mistreatment and desertion of animals.

The Marshfield Authorities Department shared the list below news release on Facebook following the rescue of the pups.

” Marshfield Cops were dispatched to experience the noise of kitties originating from a trash bin in the 800 blk of E fourth St. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the noise was originating from 8 newborn young puppies which had actually been disposed of in a trash can and garbage can at 813 E fourth St. The bag was gotten rid of, and the pups were carried to the Marshfield Location Family Pet Shelter.

” Contact was made at the house, and a 56 year old Marshfield male was apprehended and transferred to the authorities department after confessing to disposing of the pups. Misdemeanor charges were asked for through the Wood County DA’s workplace on Robert M. Wild for mistreatment of animals and desertion of animals. The young puppies are succeeding and might be up for adoption in the coming months.”

When the authorities department published the story on their Facebook page, they were instantly swamped with lots of remarks prompting for a larger charge versus Wild.

” This need to be a felony charge!” advised one regional.

In action, the Marshfield Cops Department prompted everybody to do the following to make laws more stringent in Wisconsin.

” You can connect to your state agent and request for more rigorous laws around this offense and others such as DV. We concur there are some relatively lax penalties for some criminal activities.”

What do you consider this story? Should he get more than a misdemeanor?