Grandma and grandpa should be a safe place for your kids to be able to hang out and enjoy some quality time. Grandparents are known for spoiling their grandkids but an 11-year-old in Montana was not blessed with loving grandparents.

Grandfather, Mikeal Shane Pruett, faces jail time after his 11-year-old granddaughter fell pregnant due to the abuse she faced in his care. After being found guilty they sentenced Mikeal to 200 years in prison for heinous acts committed against his 11-year-old granddaughter and her younger sister.

Mikeal is well known in the court system for predatory sexual misconduct with young girls. He was set free multiple times and even granted full custody of his young granddaughters giving him free access to commit the lude acts against them. Mikeal received 100 years per act committed and will not be eligible for parole till 105 years have been served.