Millions of couples keep secrets from each other, even though they call their partner their closest friend. One woman had been concealing a bad habit for years until her boyfriend tidied up the bedroom and was taken aback by what he found. Her behavior shocked him to his core – it was truly disgusting!

With a stroke of mischievous intent, the man determined to expose his girlfriend’s disagreeable inclination with millions on Reddit. He captured an image of their bedroom wall and published it online for all to see her unsanitary habit: throwing away her disposable contact lenses each night against the back wall for months!

In a viral Reddit post, hundreds of light blue discs and contact lenses were shown scattered across the wall and floor. The woman behind this mess had irresponsibly discarded her contacts straight from bed while believing they would never be discovered tucked away behind her headboard.

The boyfriend was horrified when he found out that his girlfriend had been tossing her contact lenses behind the bed as soon as she finished wearing them – an act of laziness and carelessness that had apparently gone on for a significant amount of time, unbeknownst to him. As he tried to do something nice by tidying up their bedroom, this unfortunate discovery took place.

“My significant other throws her daily contacts behind the headboard of our bed,” the man wrote on Reddit.

Immediately following the upload of this post, a plethora of viewers shared their feedback – 12,000 comments and counting! Many users were similarly appalled at how “disgusting” the girlfriend was for throwing out her used contact lenses in that fashion. The public outcry has been immense as thousands joined together in agreement with one another.

“People like this blow my mind. Like, where do you think it’s gonna go? Clean that s*it up,” one person said.

Another person wrote: “I just… don’t get this. My house isn’t perfect by any means. I put off vacuuming and dusting and scrubbing toilets. But stuff like this just adds madness to the mayhem.”

Other users recounted their previous experiences with unsavory behaviors. An individual shared how their former roommate would habitually leave bacon grease in the skillet, expecting someone else to clean it up.

“I used to have a roommate who would keep excessive amounts of bacon grease sitting in her cast iron pan,” he said. “I don’t just mean a little bit of oil residue as part of the seasoning. I mean big white goops of rendered and re-congealed fat. Many of us tried to convince her that it was bad, but she simply left it there in the pan until the next time she cooked – at which time she would wipe away the excess and cook with the pan again.”

How would you feel about this woman’s repulsive routine with her worn contact lenses?