There are many times in life, when it is appropriate to say, “There but for the grace of God go I.” Today’s story teaches us all an important lesson like that but also about the advancements in science and surgery.

Doctors are performing miraculous operations to save people’s lives and quality of life. Consider the problems of a young Kenyan-born man named Mike Koech. Sadly, he began developing a small tumor on his face that grew and grew, eventually blinding him in his left eye.

It all seemed hopeless, because surgeons across Kenya and India could not help Mike Koech. He could die without surgical intervention.Then he met a doctor from Spain, Pedro Cavadas, who had him flown to Valencias through the generosity of the Red Cross. Through multiple surgeries at Dr. Cavadas’ clinic, the giant facial tumor was finally removed.

It was very challenging for the Spanish surgeon, but he knew he had to try and help this wonderful, 35-year-old man with a tumor that spanned practically across his entire face. The growing tumor was actually present at the base of Mike Koech’s skull.

The surgeries were a success, and Mike Koech has a much better comfort level and quality of life.

The patient had lost his legs in an accident when he was a child, and it was essential to Dr. Cavadas that he try hard to save Mike Koech’s life. This is a wonderful, heart-warming story. To see before and after photos, click here.