Human beings are fascinated with things that they consider weird. That is why when people saw Abul Bajander on a documentary, they wanted to know more about him. He lives in Bangladesh and was born with a condition that causes him to have hands that look like tree branches.

It is caused by a virus called epidermodyplasia verruciformis. It causes tumors and warts to develop on the feet and hands. It also increases the production of keratin.

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Abul’s life was hard. He could not eat, drink or take a shower by himself. He was also unable to care for his daughter. Fortunately, he was able to undergo a surgery that changed his life.

His physician stated that Abul is in still recovering from the surgery, but he is doing good.


Abul stated that he is feeling a lot better after getting his surgery. He also stated that he is looking forward to going back home to his daughter. He wants to hold her in his lap and play with her.

Abul was able to get his condition cured due to skilled surgeons. However, many people who suffer from other strange conditions are unable to get surgery and have to suffer.