We’ve all wanted to fight back against the bullies who try to oppress us but it seems that one woman in Australia may have taken it a bit too far. 35-year-old Roxanne Peters is now facing charges for the murder of 51-year-old John Cassar, a man who repeatedly raped her and threatened to beat up her child if she didn’t let him continually do so. The incident occurred back in December of 2015 when he told her he would injure her child if she did not submit to him. This is when she finally got fed up with all of his abuse and decided to fight back. Locating a kitchen knife, she was able to stab him right through the heart and he died shortly after that. After doing the deed, she tied up the corpse and tried her best to hide the body. The judge in the case, David Boddice, said in a statement that, while he does sympathize with her situation, the fact that she hid the body means she’ll probably get a longer sentence.

If she had just called the cops right after the incident & explained what happened, they could have been much more lenient on her. Instead, she attempted to cover up the crime and pretend as nothing happened. Even though Cassar was a rapist who victimized women, the judge said he does still feel sympathy for the family and in a statement, said he thinks they will never recover from this horrific incident. The sad thing is, for Peters, this is not an isolated incident. Ever since she was a kid, she has been the victim of rape and abuse. Cassar was just one of many who attempted to take advantage of her. While it is understandable why she did what she did, the court ended up giving her a more severe sentence due to the fact that she was trying to cover up this particular crime. After she was convicted of manslaughter, she got nine years in prison for the offense of tampering with a corpse. If she is on her best behavior, however, she will be eligible for parole after just 5 years. She accepted her fate and was hauled off to prison shortly after her sentencing.

Reports have found that the court did not have much in the way of sympathy for the defendant but did say they understand where she is coming from. One of them said that they accept the fact that the stabbing happened in the heat of the moment and this is why they did not give her a longer sentence. It’s not clear if she made parole yet or not but it seems as if it is likely given her remorse. The judge believes that her rage was one of the main factors behind her actions and most of the jury was quick to agree with this assessment of the situation. Clearly, she was not thinking straight when she was in the middle of this brouhaha but hopefully, she will learn to think things through a bit more in the future. It is not clear what will become of the child but hopefully, she will be able to find a temporary home until she can be reunited with her mother once again.