Taking Religious Freedom and Liberties To The Next Level

We have all heard about religious liberties and freedoms making the news cycles these days. There is not a day that goes by, where we do not hear something about someone being discriminated about due to their “religious freedoms”.

I admit I am getting tired of it myself(you might be feeling the same way). Anyway, here is the latest in the realm of news cycles.

The Storyline

In Dearborn, Michigan, there is a man that is filing a $100 million lawsuit against Little Cesear’s for serving him pork on his pizza.

Some of you might question why that is a big deal. Well, the customer is Islamic. He went into Little Casear’s to order a Halal pizza for him and his wife. He was going by the advertisements about the Halal pizza.

There is not supposed to be pork in the pizza. According to Islamic law, it violates the ingredients allowed during food consumption.

According to his lawyer, this action violates both the Wayne County Halal and Kosher Anti-Fraud, and Truth-In-Labeling Ordinance.

This story is also circulating heavily because the area has one of the highest populations of Islamic and Muslim residents in North America.

They spoke with his wife and she had this to say.

“My husband brought home the pizza and we started eating. We thought this pepperoni was pepperoni. It was not. Pork is not considered to be part of Halal. No other meat product falls under the category”.

Soon after, she and her husband became sick(according to them).

He did file a complaint with the local PD. He did later return to the same place to order what he initially ordered(a pepperoni pizza). He did take pictures and documented everything(including the label on the box) in case it happened again. It did.

The second pizza also had pork in it(which was labeled as pepperoni).

According to reports, they did speak with the manager about the situation.

“He ordered the pepperoni pizza. He told us to place the Halal sticker on the box. We take orders as they come. We maintain that the pizza he ordered was the correct pizza”.

Concerning the Suit Itself

The suit is set at $100 million. Part of the suit alleges(on behalf of Mohamad Bazzi, the customer)that the order has caused “irreparable harm”. Part of Bazzi’s process is making sure that other Muslim and Islamic patrons know what is happening. Little Caesar’s wants its patrons to believe that Halal pizzas are allowed under Islamic Dietary Laws(and they are not).

What Does Little Caesar’s Have To Say About it?

Outside of the manager’s statement, the establishment has yet to make a statement concerning the lawsuit.

Dietary laws and restrictions are an important part of anyone’s faith, according to one leading expert in faith and religious studies. To go against those laws is considered a sin and blasphemy.

More to come as the store progresses.