As the political scene gets more intense leading up to this year’s election, American citizens are being very expressive towards others who share separate beliefs from themselves. Sometimes it can get quite physical and dangerous for those who choose to wear their political beliefs on their sleeves. In this case, it gets intense for a senior citizen who decides to show his patriotism by wearing one specific red hat. It is reported that there has been an incident in which two individuals have experienced an altercation based on the political choices made by an older man, the second individual involved in this case. The older man happened to be spit on by the individual who came into altercation with him. Mathias Ajple, the offender, was recently found guilty for the battery of Mr. Robert Youngblood. The judge, David Morgan, came to that stern decision after receiving enough evidence to verify that the crime had taken place this past week. It can be seen on footage that Ajple had initially violated Youngblood by placing paper on top of Youngblood’s “Make America Great Again” hat.

It didn’t take long for Ajple to act out in violence. He noticed that Youngblood was unconvinced to remove his hat and he can be seen spitting on the man momentarily after placing the paper-like figure on his hat. The older man was actually spending his day with two friends before the act of unlawful violence happened. Ajple visibly walked up to Youngblood’s table and made his move. He didn’t like that the oldman was from Russia and saw him as a communist that did not belong in Ajple didn’t only spit on Youngblood but he aggressively swung his hand against his hat. He told Young blood, “You should go back to Russia you…communist.” No action was taken place soon enough because Ajple was already on his way to another destination in his vehicle by the time anyone noticed. The situation happened relatively quickly and allowed enough time for the offender to make his move and escape the scene before any authority got involved. Youngblood was 67 and Ajple is 43.

Despite Ajple getting away very quickly and seemingly leaving a feeling of disbelief to witnesses, Youngblood did his part by getting his license plate. After police got involved, it was soon determined that the request to exchange words with Youngblood derived from the offender’s wife. She wasn’t at the scene at the time but she mentioned to the police that she had a role in that. Ajple makes his case by saying that he was protecting people because he believes that, “Trump supporters are communist and racist.” It is clear that this act of violence was done due to hate and in response to the political divide between anti-Trump supporters and those who choose to observe and support Trump. Ajple continues on to say, “I don’t even care that I’m going to jail;this is actually exciting.” He continues to mention that he isn’t as old as Youngblood so he has time to spend experiencing life.