In the midst of the Biden administration, everyday Americans find themselves grappling with a grim reality: historic levels of inflation are wreaking havoc on the United States economy. Bidenomics, touted as a savior for the American dream, has instead transformed it into a nightmare for many households.

As of June 2022, inflation reached a staggering peak, with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) surging beyond 9 percent. This alarming figure, recognized as a key measure of inflation by both the Federal Reserve and economists, marked the most substantial 12-month increase in over four decades. Despite recent headlines celebrating a decline in inflation, it’s crucial to question whether these indexed measures genuinely reflect the rising cost of living for ordinary Americans.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics may argue that inflation is subsiding, but some Americans are not buying into the official narrative. They believe that the actual cost of living has surged far beyond what the numbers suggest. A recent video shared by Wall Street Silver illustrates this point perfectly, as a man walks through Costco detailing the jaw-dropping price hikes that fly in the face of official inflation statistics.

“This guy walking around Costco shares examples of food inflation that are WAY higher than the numbers reported for food inflation by the government,” the post reads. “Overall, many people know intuitively that food inflation is way higher than the official number of 4.3% from August 2022 thru August 2023. This video shows some of the examples he is seeing.”

The video showcases the man’s incredulity as he examines the prices of everyday items. “So I’m walking around Costco here and I’m noticing these prices. For example, He’s Madras lentils 15.99. I bought those a year ago for 6.99,” he points out. “I keep getting told that we got, you know, 6, 7% inflation. You got to be kidding me. Let’s look at what else we got going on here—literally bought this chicken broth for 5.69 just two months ago.” The video continues to reveal numerous goods that have become unaffordable due to the historically high inflation levels.

The controversy surrounding the CPI revolves around its narrow focus on an indexed “basket of goods,” failing to capture the full spectrum of consumption and production across the economy. This skewed representation means that while prices for essential goods like shelter, energy, and food skyrocket into the double digits, the CPI often reads in the single digits.

Former President Donald Trump, no stranger to economic battles, hasn’t minced words in his criticism of Bidenomics. He went so far as to warn of the potential for a new Great Depression under President Biden’s watch. “If you took the five worst presidents in the history of the United States and added them up, they would not have done near the destruction to our country as Joe Biden and the Biden administration have done in a few short years,” Trump stated. “And no damage has been worse than the disaster known as Bidenomics.”

“We’re heading into a great depression,” Trump continued, ominously. “The only question is whether or not it will be during the remaining months of the Biden administration, or will the next president have to bear the brunt of what Biden has done to our country? I don’t want to be the next Herbert Hoover—and I won’t let that happen.”

The facts speak for themselves. Inflation is a harsh reality that many Americans face daily, challenging their ability to make ends meet. The official statistics might paint a rosy picture, but the grocery bills, utility costs, and housing expenses that continue to surge tell a different story—one that President Biden and his administration seem reluctant to acknowledge.

As the battle over inflation rages on, it remains to be seen whether the American dream can be salvaged or whether it will fall victim to the economic policies of the present administration. One thing is clear: everyday Americans are the ones bearing the brunt of the inflation crisis that some would rather keep hidden.