Many have tossed around the idea that aliens exist. Some claim to have proof while others make up their own stories with pictures that they create to try to fool people into thinking that aliens really are out there.

China revealed what could be the first substantial evidence, but there are people who are still skeptical.


This is one of the boldest claims that a country has made about alien life. Shi-Li Sun is a PhD who spoke at a meeting in China to discuss UFOs and aliens.

He also talked about how they intertwined with the history of the people in the country. There have been years of research, and many scholars are now convinced that there is an existence of aliens and UFOs.

This statement received an applause from some of those in the room.

Pictures were released during the meeting. These pictures include aliens on a white sheet and UFOs in the sky, hovering over cities and fields. This is a rather large step forward in the claims of alien life. Scholars and scientists still have a bit of research to do, but there are more than 100,000 members on a team who are contributing their time.