Nature is a beautiful thing. However, nature can also be very cruel. A video online has shown how cruel nature can be. The video was taken in Kuranda, Queensland. It shows a nine-foot python eating a wallaby. The man who shared the video was interviewed by ABC News. He stated that the python ate the entire wallaby in three hours.The man stated that he did not watch the whole thing. He stated that he would take breaks, come back and watch the python every hour. He also stated that the python will likely be full for months after eating the python. The video has been shared over 27,000 times. People are amazed that the python was able to devour the entire wallaby.
The scrub python is one of the largest snakes in the world. They typically eats possums, rats and birds. However, they often choose to prey on wallabies. Before a python eats an animal, he squeezes it. The python then stretches out its mouth to engulf the entire thing. The digestive system has to work hard to digest the animal. The digestive system actually shuts down in between meals. The body has to release extra enzymes in order to digest the food. The snake will be much larger than its normal size for a few weeks. It will return to normal size after the wallaby is digested.