Men working on a cargo ship in a Ukranian town were surprised when they heard a loud meowing coming from underneath their ship.

A sweet little kitten had crawled below the ship and was sitting in a dangerous place – right on the propeller! The men knew they had to get the kitten to safety.

A brave crew member decided to put on a survival wetsuit and try to rescue the kitten. This rescue was captured on video. At the beginning of the video, the cries of the frightened kitten are audible.

The cries continue to grow louder as the crew member approached the kitten to try and save it. The kitten is hesitant to go near the man and climbs to the opposite side of the propeller.

The man decides to swim around to the other side to get a hold of the kitty. As he picks the kitten up, the meowing gets louder at first but then begins to soften.

The man places the kitten on his chest and swims on his back toward the dock, trying his best to keep the kitten out of the freezing water. Once almost up on shore, the kitten jumps up a tire and into another man’s arms.

The man gently tucks the kitten into his coat to keep it safe and warm. What an excellent, brave, caring group of men to halt what they were doing to rescue an innocent little kitten. Would you have helped rescue the tiny kitten?