Shocking reports have emerged of an Irish man who was tragically discovered dead, lying in a pool of his own blood after being viciously attacked by a chicken.

Virginia Guinan, Kraus’ daughter, testified in her deposition that he was slumbering when she arrived at his house that day and decided not to awaken him due to his fragile condition and grief from the loss of his canine companion.

When Guinan learned of the violence, she hurried home to find paramedics conducting CPR on her father as he lay motionless in a puddle of blood.

Following a path, she came to the chicken coop and found one of the chickens with blood on its claws – likely the same bird which had been relocated here after it viciously attacked Kraus’ granddaughter.

Tenant Corey O’Keeffe heard the sound of screaming coming from Kraus during the attack and then noticed blood spurting from his leg, accompanied by a considerable wound on his calf.

In a desperate attempt to save her, he dialed 911 and was walked through the process of administering CPR when Kraus suddenly fell unconscious.

At the inquest, Dr. Annette Jennings testified that upon her arrival, paramedics were in the process of performing CPR on Mr. Kraus to resuscitate him; however, they were unsuccessful and he was announced dead at the scene.

The coroner officially declared the death as an unfortunate “misadventure,” though there were signs that a heart attack occurred in tandem with the severe chicken mauling.