If you have several plastic bags around the house, you have the materials needed to make a plastic storage basket. The basket will range in size depending on how many bags you use.

There are also ways that you can arrange the bags so that you have different shapes, such as a circle or a square. The colors that on the bags will show through on the basket, giving you a fun accessory for the home. You need sewing needles that are a little heavier than the typical ones that you would use with yarn or other types of thread.

Use white thread to stitch the bags together. You will need a thimble as the bags and the needles can sometimes be difficult to work with. The project doesn’t take long to complete, and you can add more bags to the basket as you see fit.


Roll the bags so that they look like a thin piece of yarn. Each bag will be thicker than yarn, but this is the basis for the basket. When you begin using the needles to intertwine the thread to connect the bags, you’ll see that it’s a simple process.

The bags can be interlocked for strength by running the handles of the bags together before sewing the different layers as you build the basket higher.