During the Christmas season, home owners often create displays with lights that are mesmerizing.

Many people are adding music to the displays that they create. You often need to be standing outside while looking at the lights or have a window down while sitting in the car to hear the music, but most displays feature hit songs or festive tunes.

A beautiful light display features over 50,000 lights. From the trees in the front yard to the lights on the windows, the display is set to “Amazing Grace.” It brings out the meaning of the Christmas season in a way that is humble and elegant.

As the lights glisten on the snow that covers the yard, viewers are taken aback by the message that is delivered with the music and the timing of the display. White lights cascade down the side of the home with snowflakes and wreaths that dazzle the eyes.

The lights in the yard seem to flow across the yard with every word of the song that is sung. A star glistens on the roof. The beat of the song picks up, and the lights respond in a stunning way as they quickly flash to the rhythm. Other colors that include red and green are introduced at this time as well.