Technology has afforded mankind with opportunities that were not available even just a decade ago, and personal body cameras like the GoPro are a perfect example of that. GoPros are often used for POV shots during action situations like rafting, hiking, skydiving, and many more.

All it takes is a press of a button and the device will record every bit of the action. The good thing about GoPros is that they not only allow you to share your experiences with others, but they allow you to observe footage for things you may have missed in the moment. One recent GoPro video shows just how valuable these devices are.

A man tied his GoPro camera to his dog’s back and let him loose in the vast wilderness of Oregon while they were out hiking. The man was surprised when he scoured through the footage captured by his wandering dog. A lone figure could be seen in the foreground of the video, less than ten yards in front of the dog. When the figure sees the dog, it appears to flee. The dog has almost no reaction, which is surprising. If this truly were a video featuring a real Bigfoot, one would assume the dog would have a stronger reaction.

However, if the dog were scared by the creature, it may act timidly like it does in this video. Either way, the world will probably never know the truth. The man who captured this footage will have to keep looking for more evidence.