This week, Zach Roloff of “Little People, Big World” fame underwent a surprise brain surgery. His wife Tori took to the couple’s social media accounts and shared an update with their fans that read, “It’s been a scary 72 hours.”

In her latest post, Tori showcased two photos of her husband battling in a hospital bed. She wrote, “Zachary had emergency shunt revision this morning.” Adding that “he is doing well and recovering!!”

She gave a heartfelt thank you to her closest friends and family “for the prayers that you have covered us in.” She further expressed her gratitude to the neurosurgeon team at the hospital, as well as for Zach’s mom, Amy Roloff, who kindly volunteered to babysit.

Tori has her fingers crossed that Zach will no longer suffer from migraines after his surgery, and she is “praying that Zach’s recovery is quick and easy.” She continued, “You’re a freaking bad ass, Zach. You just had brain surgery… and handled it like a rockstar. I’m so proud of you.”

Amy was so impressed by Tori’s post that she couldn’t help but share it on social media and add, “Thanks friends for your help, prayers and recommendations. I’m so very thankful for the community of my family and friends.” She had high hopes that Zach would be on the mend shortly.

Matt Roloff, Zach’s father, shared an update about his son’s condition with a photo of him enjoying quality time with his children on what appears to be Christmas morning. In the caption accompanying the image, Matt wrote that Zach is “in good hands with Tori advocating tooth and nail for his best interest… all prayers up please for Zach’s successful recovery.”

Since his childhood, Zach has had a shunt to assist with draining cerebrospinal fluid. In 2006, the first season of “Little People, Big World” aired and he needed surgery to correct it.

Check out a glimpse of the latest season of his show in the video below, if you haven’t already seen it.