Tired of the cold weather and already looking forward to the warmer temperatures of Spring? Cookouts are a great way to welcome the warm weather back and soak up some sun to boot. But why not try a new twist with a solar oven in your backyard.

It’s cheap, easy, and you can earn some pretty impressive bragging rights with your neighbors and friends.

To start, find an insulation box to use. Line it with styrofoam or similar materials used for insulation. Build a wooden box around your insulation unit to add some durability.

Make it as basic or ornate as you’d like! Considering adding handles to make it easier to move around. Set a transparent pane (glass or plastic work just fine), over the insulated box so that sunlight can get in when you open the wooden covering box.

Don’t seal it! Add three flaps, one along three sides and coat it in a reflective surface. Adjusting these and positioning them correctly will help you adjust the heat/cook time! (You can also line the inside of your over with the same material, to ensure your solar oven is even more efficient.

Closing the flaps and using black cookware are also great ways to make sure your oven get super hot and cook foods thoroughly and quickly! Now all you have to do is enjoy your new, portable, solar-powered oven.