With sadness, we announce the passing of Tim McCarver, a former All-Star catcher and beloved voice of the World Series for decades. He left us at age 81.

Over the course of his memorable 21-year career in Major League Baseball, Tim McCarver became a part of four distinct teams – Cardinals, Phillies, Expos, and Red Sox. He had the distinguished honor of being selected for two World Series wins with St. Louis (1964 & 1967) as well as appearing at All-Star games in 1966 and ’67.

McCarver’s skills on the field enabled him to achieve a fantastic career of 1,909 regular-season games. His overall batting average was .271 with 97 home runs and 645 RBIs during his time playing. McCarver had an amazing WAR (wins above replacement) value of 28.3 that proves just how talented he really was!

Subsequently, he rose to fame in the world of baseball as a broadcaster, voicing his insight for five respected teams: The Phillies, Mets, Yankees, Giants and Cardinals. Moreover, he called 24 World Series games for ABC, CBS and Fox networks – an impressive feat that solidified him as one of the most renowned commentators in all of baseball.

“I think there is a natural bridge from being a catcher to talking about the view of the game and the view of the other players,” McCarver said in 2012 after he received the Ford Frick Award from the Baseball Hall of Fame. “It is translating that for the viewers.”

After 18 years of partnership, Joe Buck gave a moving goodbye to his broadcast partner McCarver after the latter’s final World Series call in 2013.

“As we say goodbye, I speak on behalf of Major League Baseball – and I know everybody at Fox – when I say thank you for the credibility you bring us night after night in October,” Buck stated. “Personally, I’ll tell you that as a kid in our first World Series in 1996, scared to death, scared out of my wits, fearful of being found out as some fraud, as some broadcaster’s kid getting to do it, I looked to my right and knew that I was covered. Because of you. Just as my dad knew. You’re the best to ever do this in this sport and it has been an honor and a privilege.”

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred gave a heartfelt tribute to the late McCarver and spoke about his lasting legacy.

“Tim McCarver was an All-Star, a World Series Champion, a respected teammate, and one of the most influential voices our game has known,” Manfred stated. “As a player, Tim was a key part of great Cardinals and Phillies teams in his 21-year career. In the booth, his analysis and attention to detail brought fans closer to our game and how it is played and managed. Tim’s approach enhanced the fan experience on our biggest stages and on the broadcasts of the Mets, the Yankees and the Cardinals.”