Despite the impressive resources available, federal authorities have been unable to apprehend David Miscavige, leader of the Church of Scientology and defendant in a federal trafficking lawsuit. Despite 27 attempts over 4 months to serve him with legal papers, they have come up empty-handed each time.

Law enforcement desperately searched for Miscavige’s whereabouts in both Florida and California. Knowing that the Church of Scientology owns properties both in Los Angeles and Clearwater, agents traveled to those spots with hopes of finding the church leader.

In an effort to find the spiritual leader, lawyers sent a message on Instagram to the church’s official account inquiring whether they could aid in tracking down Miscavige.

During their visits to the Scientology properties, security guards adamantly insisted that they had no knowledge of Miscavige’s whereabouts regardless of his esteemed role in the church.

Gawain and Laura Baxter, as well as Valeska Paris, are taking legal action against Miscavige on the basis of what is effectively modern-day slavery. These three former followers of Scientology reported that they were coerced into signing a one-billion-year contract in exchange for meager compensation while being forced to labor without end. Such binds have been referred to by some as closing only second to enslavement itself.

In 2009, Paris exited the church, while the Baxters were not able to make their escape until 2012.

David Miscavige has kept his personal details hidden from outsiders for years. His last known address is the headquarters of the Church’s international building in Los Angeles. He, along with other members of its radical arm, Sea Org does not have any record beyond that of their church’s address.

Court documents revealed that two former members of the Church of Scientology disclosed that its leader, David Miscavige, resides in a protected residential area named Hacienda Gardens located in Clearwater, Florida. The church purchased this property back in 2001 and possesses 120 apartments for its staff to inhabit.

Neil Glazer, a lawyer representing the plaintiff in this case, shared that “Miscavige cannot be permitted to continue his gamesmanship.” Despite the Scientology leader’s court date rapidly approaching on January 20, 2023, he has yet to be served his papers for the lawsuit. If that does not change soon, it is likely that he will not appear in court at all.

Glazer declared that Miscavige is an accomplice in the “intentional concealment of his location and evasion of service.”

While trafficking may seem to be the least of Miscavige’s problems, Paris alleges that she suffered multiple sexual assaults in her adolescence. Furthermore, when her mother departed from the church while Paris was seventeen years old, it is reported by Paris that their leaders confined and punished her in an engine room for two days.

“Children over six years old are considered to be and are frequently told that they are adults and that they should act and expect to be treated as adults. They are not even called children; rather, they must be referred to as ‘Cadets,’” the lawsuit read.