Where is the last place people are advised to laugh? Of course, a funeral. However, mourners in Ireland were unable to contain their joyful giggling when the deceased pulled one final joke on them. During a burial service for Shay Bradley, who had served in the Irish Defense Force, he pulls one last prank on everyone. As the bagpipes begin to play at the beginning of this video, those gathered can say their goodbyes to Bradley by giving a round of applause.

Bradley, on the other hand, had his own idea for a joke that he wanted to pull at his own funeral. He set about organizing an intricate prank that would take place on the day he was buried. The video below was shot in Kilmanagh, Leinster, Ireland, where Bradley’s funeral was being held. Soon after, local news picked up the story and made it global.

The bagpipes begin to play, overwhelming the mourners with sadness. They’re all there to pay their last respects to a wonderful person who had waged a courageous struggle. Bradley died on October 8, 2019, from cancer. He was a grandfather of eight and had a wonderful sense of humor. He was Irish, like me.

At the 23-second mark, Bradley appears to come back from the dead, as his disembodied voice addresses everyone gathered at his gravesite.

“Hello? Hello?” Bradley’s recorded voice says. He is then depicted knocking against wood, which was meant to suggest as if he were hitting the coffin. “Let me out!”

Those in attendance at the funeral quickly snicker at his joke. The crowd begins to laugh and conjoin in the good spirits of the man who wanted to spread joy and happiness on the final day he had a chance to make an impact – his funeral, after his first “Let me out.”

The video was posted to YouTube by the Liverpool ECHO and has attracted a lot of reactions from different people. The following are some remarks submitted by viewers like you.

“Imagine passing by and seeing a bunch of people laughing at the funeral.”

“He was dying to pull that prank.”

“He just buried all of the sadness… So anyone can still be happy.”

“Humor makes dark times better. This is touching, beautiful, and sad.”

“He left them one last laugh to remember him by. That’s really awesome.”

“We’re all going to die. Why not have fun with it? It’s a great idea.”

Mel Dempsey told a personal experience: “At my grandpa’s funeral, his brother blurts out, ‘well, I guess I won’t be getting my $100.00 from him!’ Some folks laughed, and the rest of us were just confused. I come to find out later that day that my grandpa bet his brother $100.00 that he’d be pissing on his grave. Well! I guess he lost that bet!”