Desperate for assistance, a parent has reached out to the internet in an attempt to solve their child’s homework dilemma after being completely perplexed by the worksheet.

In search of advice, the parents posted an image of a worksheet centered on the letter T to Reddit.

In this homework assignment, the kindergarten student was tasked with writing down both capital and lowercase versions of each letter, followed by identifying a word based on an accompanying image.

The first image was a bathtub, while the other featured a 10 and rotating top.

The parent was taken aback by the perplexing image of a family of rabbits.

“Son’s kindergarten school work. What 3-4 letter word is this,” the Reddit user asked.

Other social media users voiced their opinions of what the answer may be.

“Has to be pet. These kinds of worksheets try to make the last one more difficult by switching the sound of the letter to the end of the word to try and throw the kid off,” one person stated.

Another user added: “My kids had rabbits as pets and I still wouldn’t have thought of it from that picture.”

“Yep. As a former teacher I’ve been stumped before, but this one is definitely ‘pet’. Personally, I think it’s confusing and would have gone for ‘cat,’” another stated.

Another person said: “That’s my complaint. Not one person in a hundred would look at this picture and immediately think ‘pet.’”

Someone suggested that the animal in the photograph could be a ‘kit’ – or infant rabbit. However, others argued that due to its size, it must have been an adult bunny.

Another quipped: “My 40yr old brain totally wasn’t outsmarted by a kindergarten workbook page … Nope definitely not.”

Someone expressed their lack of understanding with a sigh, “Poor kid”.

“Damn didn’t catch that either. I’m never getting out of pre-k or whatever wizardry this is,” another person said.