Musician Kid Rock has a reputation for both his views and his opinions, both of which he makes public through the platform he is given on account of his fame. More recently, Kid Rock has delved into the practice of making his political opinions public and then blasting personal feuds he has with those that do not support those opinions. This includes daytime TV anchor, Joy Behar. Both Behar and Kid Rock have shared their personal distaste and negative opinions about each other on their professional platforms as well as their personal social media accounts. Still, for the most part, both have kept it civil, while still conveying their inability to bridge the divide between each other or concede any level of agreement between each other.

Recently though, Kid Rock took things up a notch during an interview he had on air with Fox & Friends. During the broadcast, the subject of which was not about Kid Rock, Joy Behar, or any feuds he was involved in, Kid Rock publicly swore on air in a way meant to disparage Behar. This incident not only shook the hosts and viewers, but it quickly set off the public that has been watching the pair and knew about the feud. Over the years, Joy Behar for her part has been extremely critical of Kid Rock and his vocal support for President Trump, the policies his administration enacted, and the personal opinions that the President shared while in office. For this reason, Kid Rock regularly attacked Behar back, for being part of the Hollywood liberal elite and a celebrity, something many were able to see the irony in given Kid Rock is a celebrity himself.

Behar did not hold back on her personal opinion of Kid Rock, nor did she ignore any of his taunts or comments that he would make about her, choosing to address him and his words every time. This further incensed Kid Rock and over the years the public has seen their feud go back and forth in a very public way. As a result of Kid Rock’s words, the station was required to pay a fine, which is standard practice when a guest or host uses such language. The station, like others, has screeners that are able to censor words and incidents that may occur while filming on air, but they have only a few seconds of time to react and censor. Unfortunately for the station and viewers, the censors were not fast enough to cut out the words used by Kid Rock and it was broadcasted live. Kid Rock did eventually apologize on air, but only for the use of the word. The singer made it perfectly clear that his apology was not meant for Behar nor for calling her the word he decided to use.