The late designer Karl Lagerfeld left $1.5 million to his cat named Choupette after his death in 2019 at the age of 85. However, it is uncertain how the cat will receive the inheritance.

Leaving behind millions for pets has become a growing trend among the wealthy. But figuring out the legal implications of bequeathing a large sum of money to an animal can be uncertain.

Choupette has become wealthier than the majority of people in the world. Some may imagine her enjoying a lavish meal from her designer Lucy Balu x Choupette bowls, and sleeping on a bed made of the softest materials. It is unknown whether she eats regular pet food or not.

The Instagram photos reveal that she travels luxuriously in a carrier made by Lucy Balu x Choupette that costs $250, or a Louis Vuitton carrier that costs $2,000. This is quite different from the standard mesh carrier available on Amazon for $20. Additionally, she also travels on private jets.

Despite being mentioned many times, the cat chose to take a nap at home in the middle of the day instead of attending the exclusive Met Gala event, suggesting that she is extremely laid-back.

How will a Birman cat with blue and cream fur inherit her millions?

She doesn’t…

In France, the United States, and the United Kingdom, pets like Choupette are not legally allowed to inherit anything since they are considered as property.

“In France, you cannot name a pet as a beneficiary. In order for a beneficiary to receive an inheritance, it has to be a physical person or a foundation,” an international inherence lawyer, Valerie Duane-Dray said back in 2019.

There are various ways to provide for a pet’s care with money after the owner is gone. It is not known which method Lagerfeld selected.

The most common method to provide for a pet after an owner’s death is to include the pet in their will and leave money to their designated caretaker.

In addition to modeling and collaborations such as Lucy Balu, Lagerfeld’s cat generates her own income and has two books written about her, among other assets.

“She has her own little fortune,” Lagerfeld once stated. “She is an heiress. If something happens to me, the person who will take care of it will not be in misery.”

“She’s a rich girl!”

One option Lagerfeld might have considered was to establish a foundation with the specific purpose of taking care of his beloved cat, Choupette.

In Germany, the country where Lagerfeld was born, it is possible to leave money for the care of an animal after one’s passing.

Choupette has been living luxuriously after Lagerfeld’s passing, and though she frequently posts tributes to him, it’s unclear how he left her the money.

Choupette shared that she was invited to walk the red carpet at the Met Gala on Monday as a tribute to her father’s fashion career and designs. However, she decided to have a more comfortable experience instead.

“We pay tribute to my Daddy every day since his parting and we are very moved to see one more day dedicated to him,” she posted on Instagram.

In February, the cat remembered her father’s sudden departure on its fourth anniversary and expressed that he will always hold a special place in her heart.

‘You are no longer where you were but you are still where I am…I miss you daddy,’ she said.

In 2019, Karl Lagerfeld passed away at the age of 85 and left his cat, Choupette, $1.5 million. However, it is uncertain how the inheritance will be given to the feline since there are no established laws on pets inheriting money. Despite this, Choupette leads a luxurious life- enjoying the most expensive pet food in designer bowls, resting on soft beds, and traveling in lavish carriers such as the $250 Lucy Balu x Choupette or the $2,000 Louis Vuitton carrier.

Although pets are seen as property in France, the US, and the UK and are unable to inherit, there are legal methods to guarantee their care. Leaving the money to the new caretaker is one way; an animal can be assigned to someone in the will. Lagerfeld’s cat, who has her own revenue stream from modeling gigs, collaborations such as Lucy Balu, and two books, can now inherit, making her an heiress in her own right.

It is possible for Lagerfeld to have established a foundation specifically for the care of Choupette. German law allows leaving money to an animal. Choupette has been leading a luxurious life since Lagerfeld’s passing and frequently pays tribute to her father on Instagram, regardless of how he left the money for her.

Choupette, who was invited to walk the red carpet at the Met Gala honoring her father’s designs and fashion career, decided to stay in a comfortable environment instead. She wrote, “We pay tribute to my Daddy every day since his parting and we are very moved to see one more day dedicated to him.” Choupette marked the fourth anniversary of her father’s death in February by saying “You are no longer where you were but you are still where I am…I miss you daddy.”