Vice President Kamala Harris became the first female to hold the position following Joe Biden’s defeat of President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Those who have seen Kamala Harris with her family know that she is happily married to her husband Doug Emhoff and is stepmother to his two children. However, a Twitter user uncovered some exciting details about Kamala Harris’ very interesting past dating life. It turns out that Kamala Harris’ former flame is none other than the former talk show host and television personality Montel Williams. The tweet accompanied two photos of Kamala Harris and the talk show host together, including a picture of his daughter Ashley with the couple. Harris and Montel Williams were a couple briefly in 2001. Photographs resurfaced of the two together attending a charity even to eradicate multiple sclerosis in May 2001.

In 2019, Williams talked about the brief fling while Harris was running for Democratic nomination for President. In his comments about their relationship, Williams questioned whether Kamala Harris’ dating history would be in question if she were a man while running for office in America. Williams wrote a tweet back in August 2019 stating that he and Kamala Harris briefly dated twenty years ago when they were both single. He doesn’t find a reason for the press. Williams continued by saying that he has great respect for Senator Harris. Montel Williams wonders if the same stories about Vice President Kamala Harris’s romantic history would have been talked over if she weren’t a female candidate. Williams’s criticism of the questions about Kamala Harris’ dating past comes into question the presence of bias between male or female candidates no matter their qualifications. Since then, their dating life has come into question more. Williams has responded by saying that it isn’t new and isn’t news.

Kamala has addressed her dating life in her published book The Truths We Hold- An American Journey and working in American politics affects dating as a single woman. Kamala Harris states that as a professional, single woman who is 40 years old and in the public eye, dating can be difficult. “Mamala” as her stepchildren call her knew that if she brought a gentleman with her to a public event, people would instantly start to question and speculate on their relationship’s nature. Harris had been careful to keep her personal dating life and her career life separate. She said that she knew that single women in politics are seen differently than unattached men. Women don’t get the same freedoms to act how they want when it comes to their social lives as men do. She did not want to bring public scrutiny into her dating life unless she met “the One.” Happily, for Harris, she was set up on a first date with Doug Emhoff by a friend, they started dating, got married in 2014, and the rest is history.